Captive Consulting

Usa Risk Group offers services aimed at Brokers and Agencies, Associations, Specialty Niche Insurance Companies and Individual Insureds. The services include Feasibility Studies; Captive and RPG/RRG formation and ongoing management; and Analysis and Recommendations for current program structures.

Captive Feasibility studies help clients considering captive insurance options to determine if a captive makes sense for their business relative to the traditional insurance marketplace. Since considering a captive is more than just a price comparison, this analysis takes place at several levels. First, the loss and exposure data is analyzed by an insurance actuary to determine the projected ultimate losses for the client based on projected exposures. Next a comprehensive review of the business of the client is conducted. Finally, the results are correlated and presented in the form of a business plan that includes projected total costs, retention recommendations and financial modeling.

Analysis and Review of current captive structure, and recommendations on changes to improve performance, are essential to enhancing the captive’s profitability. Cookie Cutter solutions seldom provide the desired result. Captive insurance programs need regular review and analysis to maximize their impact on your company’s risk management and financial results. An independent third party review may uncover important improvement recommendations that have been missed over the years.

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