Considering a Captive?

Is a Captive Management program right for your business or organization?

How does your organization’s claims experience compare to that of the traditional market? If your claims experience is better than the average pool of insureds, then you are most likely paying significantly more than necessary to insure your risk. Premiums paid to a traditional insurer are based on a risk pool that encompasses low risk as well as high risk groups. If your group has a history of low claims, you can probably reap substantial benefits from captive management.

Does your business or organization have predictable losses?

Consistent and predictable losses provide the best setting for managing risk in a captive. This predictability allows greater confidence when setting program premiums and loss reserves.

Does your business or organization have sufficient financial resources to support a captive insurance program?

You will need to make a capital investment and may need to post collateral behind the captive program. Your organization should be able to provide financial stability, absorb operating costs and provide a return on invested capital. If you are considering forming a captive, the team at USA Risk Group is uniquely qualified to help you form and utilize a captive or risk retention group (RRG.) We offer both setup (formation/licensing) and ongoing services.

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